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Digital and Analytics Services

We empower customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey through value-based outcomes.

We transform customer expectations into digital solutions that meet business goals by providing the tools and insights to achieve effective business outcomes.

Key offerings are business process transformation and technology includes Multi Cloud Services, Kubernetes, Big data, Analytics and Security.

Cloud Native Services

Every organization is unique and their requirement too. When it comes to cloud, finding the simplified solution from the available tons of options enables customers to adapt fast through modularity and dynamically scale in and out in secured manner is the key.

Our team have expertise in Distributed Networking architecture combined with microservice based application development with lean development methodology with good governance of communication with all stakeholder provide predictable and timely deliver.

Key offerings are Full Stack development(using REACT/Angular, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB) for web and mobile application which can deployed in AWS, GCP, MS Azure, DigitalOcean or private cloud service providers.

Automation and AI

Business process with clear rules is the good candidate for automation. while processes that rely on large quantities of data to produce insights or recommendations may be candidates for AI.

We help customers to understand these discrete, but complimentary technologies unique capabilities and align their strategy, assessing enterprises AI readiness and engage all stakeholders from day one and progress on incremental manner to gain confidence and comfort to augment workforce.

Key offerings are predictive analytics and image processing using Anaconda, MATLAB, H2O, Tensorflow, OpenCV, NumPy, Scikit and PyTorch. chatbot development based on rasa.

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